Pearl Harbor

I would be remiss to not post about this today.  I think it would be sacrilege as an historian.

Pearl Harbor Boston

I don’t feel the need to give any of you a history lesson. If you are not sure what today is, shame on you (unless you are a kid, then you should pay attention in history).  This day always makes me a little bit sad, but also grateful for the military men and women who fight for us, and for the family members that support(ed) them in doing so.  I have had family members in many of the major wars of the twentieth century, and feel connected to the military for that reason. I may not have been there, and it may not have been my father or grandfathers, but that takes nothing away from the fact that I am proud of those who did.  I am also proud of my friends who are in or were in the military. It isn’t necessary to fight in a war to be a hero.

USS Arizona Memorial

I really have nothing left to say, just a heartfelt THANK YOU. 




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