In my bag…

Good Morning!

Isn’t it a good one? I am happy because I am DONE with school this semester, minus Monday. I have completed and turned in all of my projects and Monday will be for my viewing pleasure only. Now I can focus on crafting and baking!

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile 

Does that convey my excitement at all?

Today I decided it would be fun to showcase my purse. A ‘What’s in my bag’ posting.  I got this lovely idea from none other than Jenna Marbles.  If you are unfamiliar with this girl, be warned.  She is hilarious but not for everyone. She posts video blogs on YouTube every week and I happen to find her very entertaining, although some of her posts are not my favorite. (PS I just watched a couple videos because I linked to her page and was drawn in-per usual.)

Anyways, here it goes!


Drumroll please…………..

purse all

Well there it is folks, everything in my bag minus two receipts for Christmas gifts and feminine hygiene products. Let’s dive in, shall we?

purse wallet keys

purse hair

Ok so far we have the usual, wallet, keys, kleenex, a bunch of bobby pins,a Raiders head band, and a hair band. Unusual things are a bra clasp, two bracelets (made for me from a sweet little girl), and a keychain to the right, which Kylie made for me!

purse food pills

Next is a pill box, because I always have either a headache or heartburn, and of course a snack.

purse lotion sanitizer

Here I have that cute little pouch with a bird on it. It is from Starbucks and holds a gift card, but I use it to hold Emergen-C.  I have two hand sanitizers, lip gloss and chapstick, three lotions, and as any crafter would recognize, a number from JoAnn’s cut counter.

purse glasses

Then I have a purse hanger, a glasses kit, my sunglasses and the case for which they belong. Of course they never go into the case. That holds my backup pair of glasses.

purse school

Lastly, I have a parking pass for school, my backup jump drive (my good one stays in my backpack), 4 pens (I also have one in my wallet), note cards for my presentation last night, my receipts for my oil change yesterday, and a book. I just put the book in yesterday so that I would have something to do during the oil change as I am done with school for the semester! You may or may not know that it is The Help, a book that I bought a long time ago and have not had time to read. PS I own the movie and love it!

That is all that I have in there.

This brings me to ask you all, what book shall I read next? This one will not last until Sunday now that I have free time.  I have been told by two people to read Steve Jobs’  biography.  What do you think?





Give me your thoughts!

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