Holiday Favorites

I have been wanting to post this for a couple of weeks, and now that I am free of school guilt I am excited to share!

My favorite holiday things:

Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Food: My grandma Connie’s candy cane cookies

Drink: Southern Comfort’s brand of Egg Nog- it comes without alcohol

Decoration: Usually the tree, and the boot that I shared a few days ago-

xmas boot

Song: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree- always has been

Traditions: Sleeping in the same room with my sisters and now Joe, waking up early and opening our stockings. Then we very impatiently wait for mom and dad, usually we wake them up on purpose by accident. AND making fudge with my mom and sisters every year!

Scent: Pine Tree

Those are some of my favorite things, and just making that list makes me want to write all of my traditions, but I will spare you! I can’t wait to make some new traditions in the future and to continue all of the old ones.

What are your favorites?




One thought on “Holiday Favorites

  1. One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is baking sugar cookies and to decorat them. I usually do this with my sisters but this year I got to bake with my 7 year old cousion kylie. We had so much fun that I want her to become part of our Christmas tradition and bake with us every year.

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