The important things

Good morning to my favorite blog-reading people!  I truly appreciate all of you! (all 5!)

Yesterday we were repeatedly warned about this crazy storm hitting the bay area and when I woke up it was gone.  I missed the whole thing! Oh well.  At least it seemed mild enough to not wake me or cause damage to our area.  It is supposed to rain throughout the week so maybe I will get at least one rainy movie day.


As I was reading another blog, Butler Party of 2, I realized that she writes about what is important to her.  She is pregnant so that has been her focus lately, but she blogs about her husband, her job, and her faith.  I never feel as if she is trying to push her ideas on the readers, and I really appreciate that. 

It made me want to write more about the important things.  I do have a fear that it will limit the people who want to read this blog for fun and not for anything else.  Therefore, I decided to ask you what you want to read about!  What are your favorite topics? Would you like more recipes, tv recaps, sports? Let me know and I will try to include more of it.

I always want to blog about current events but again I don’t know if you want to hear about it!

Penny for your thoughts…




Give me your thoughts!

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