The best thing I ever ate…

Good morning!

After Thanksgiving all I can think about is food.  Christmas goodies are at the top of my list and I have a small collection of ingredients on my counter. 

baking ingredients xmas 12

This has lead me to think about things that I love to eat.  My favorite meals are usually involving some sort of pasta.

My favorite steak: Hands down Harris Ranch.  We went in August on our way to SLO, and I blogged about it.  You can see my post here.

My favorite pasta: My sister and I would drive out to Dublin before we lived here, for the sole purpose of eating pasta.  There is a small but very good restaurant called Tomatina that serves the best Gnocchi in the world.  It is a small chain and we originally found it in Santa Clara.  We recently found out that their Gnocchi is not always on the menu and we were crushed!

My favorite dessert: A few years ago Joe and I went out for a fancy anniversary dinner in Cayucos at a place called Schooners Wharf.  It was highly recommended by one of my coworkers, and it did not disappoint. The whole meal was incredible, but the chocolate cake was to DIE for.  We were told that the mother of one of the owners makes the cake.  I probably could have had the whole thing.

My favorite breakfast: This one is tricky.  We love to go out for breakfast and we have three favorite places: My Garden Cafe in Ripon, The Breakfast Buzz in SLO, and Margie’s Diner. If I have to chose one I would say My Garden.  I like the food there more than the others.  They serve traditional breakfast but have some specialties such as their homemade strawberry jam. I have tried to buy it from them but they said they just can’t keep up with demand so they no longer sell it.

I have also thought about my favorite things to cook!  I love to make sugar cookies with my mom and sisters every year for Christmas.  We always use the same recipe and they are delicious.  I also LOVE to make my own pasta sauce, and I enjoy doing it any time I get the opportunity I do that.  I also have great fun making different crock pot stews during the winter.  I will be making my first of the season on Friday! I used to love doing it when I worked and would come home to house that smelled of all the spices and ingredients.  I will post my basic recipe later this week.  I sometimes add new things and pretty much work with what I have on hand!

Question of the day: What is the best thing you ever ate? What is your favorite thing to cook?




Give me your thoughts!

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