Good Morning blogiverse!

Do you feel the holiday spirit yet? I sure do Smile  Even though I have not decorated yet, I have went through all of my Christmas socks (today is my last pair), and yes I have several pairs!  I have also been using my Christmas coffee cups.  Today I chose this little guy:

snowman mug xmas

Of course I have peppermint creamer in my coffee as well!  I also picked up a little greenery from Safeway yesterday because not only is it cute, it will grow into a full pine tree! I plan on giving it to my parents to plant when I am finished with it.

Mini Pine Tree xmas 12

Now onto my topic: Routines.  I have noticed that I make everything a routine if I can.  I find that I do things more consistently that way and often do not have to remember anything if I always do it in the same order.  For example, when I shower I always do things in the same order:

Wash face

Lather up shampoo while face wash is doing its job


Rinse all

Condition hair

Clean body while conditioner does its job

Rinse all

It is always in that order and if I chose not to condition for the day, then I simply wash my body and get out.  I also have a routine for my car.  When I get in/out I always do things in the same order- you can thank my dad for that one!

Get in/adjust seat if needed

Turn on car

Seat belt


Check mirrors

Adjust temperature

Take off emergency break


It doesn’t sound much like a routine, but I do it in the same order every time and I never forget to turn on my lights or turn them off.  I never thought it was a big deal until I started going with Joe and he forgets about the lights EVERY time he drives.  It makes me crazy, I am always saying “Lights, Joseph!”. He will turn off the car and open the door with the lights on and it just gets to my deepest nerve! It is probably because my dad was VERY specific while teaching me how to drive.

I also have a morning routine.  It varies on the weekends, but when I am home on the week days (this semester because I am not working) this is how I roll:

Make coffee

Open blinds

Check email/various social media sites

Watch Live with Kelly and Michael

After that I switch it up depending on the day!  I just love watching Live in the morning because they are so funny and easy to wake up to.  Today I have class at 12:30 so I will leave my house by 10:45.  I need to work on a big project today and an even bigger one tomorrow.  I usually head home after class and get any errands done on my way.  Today I will head straight to the library and dig into the microfilm.  My project is based on Princess Diana, and it is both a very sad and very interesting topic.

What are your routines? Do you feel touched by the late Princess?

Have a wonderful cyber Monday, don’t break the bank!




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