Christmas List 2012

Do you still make a list for your family?  I have not made one in years, and have had the toughest time telling my parents what I want!  It is a blessing to have everything that you need, and I have been very blessed.  This year when my mom asked me the question I did have a few ideas for her, but nothing in particular.

santa list

I thought it would be fun to compile a small list of items that I have been looking to get for myself and I would LOVE to hear what you have on your list!

My list is as follows:

  • Winning Balance- by Shawn Johnson
  • Friends Blu-Ray set
  • New boots!
  • A nice curling iron
  • Down comforter

Those are a few little things that I have been thinking about lately.  I also have a DREAM list, and of course my number one is a beautiful little diamond!

Share your list with me!





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