Garlic-Onion Bread

Tonight I made a new recipe that has already become a favorite of ours.  Of course I got the idea from Pinterest, where else?

I pinned a Bloomin’ Onion Bread from The Girl Who Ate Everything’s blog a while back, and when I heard that Joe’s mom and aunt were coming for dinner I decided it was a good time to try it out.

Like most of my recipes, I changed it up a bit.  The original recipe can be found here. I followed the recipe except I decided to add two cloves of minced garlic to the mix. 

OMG it was the bomb.  We devoured it so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture.  Luckily Christy keeps one handy on her blog.  It looked like this but with garlic!


MMM! It is even better than it looks.  I also made a chicken recipe that I had found on Pinterest months ago and previously made.  It was also good, but could have been better.  I found the chicken to lack flavor in the middle and would have preferred it to have some kind of spicy kick.  Never the less, here is the recipe I used.  I also steamed broccoli and made a salad.  After dinner we had some peppermint cookies, courtesy of Safeway and their excellent placement of holiday treats near the milk.  It was the Pillsbury pre-made dough, but it called to me!  They were also very good.

I think the Garlic-Onion Bread recipe is our new go-to appetizer.

What is your go-to?




Give me your thoughts!

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