Our Thanksgiving Celebration 2012

Happy small business Saturday!

I hope all of you have learned that, it is more important than black Friday.  I love to support small businesses, they are so important to your community.  I have worked for small businesses and have a feeling that one day, I may have one.   Even if I do not, my friends and family very well could.

As promised, I have pictures from Thanksgiving day at my Aunt and Uncle’s house!  After searching through my photos and my Aunt’s, I still have NONE of me and Joe!  I need to get my act together people!  I do have some however, and here it goes!

When everyone arrived we gathered around the appetizer table, as our family always does and we all caught up with each other.  Below you can see my beautiful Grandma Connie and Auntie Margie.

TG 2012 Grandma and Auntie M

Shortly after, Jamie and Kylie went upstairs for some cousin bonding/coloring time.  They created a 3D city on a piece of paper called Kylie and Jamie town! It was so cute!

TG 2012 Kylie and Jamie

Before we all sat down to dinner I was able to take a picture of the beautiful table that my Aunt created.  The streamers in the background are for Kylie’s birthday celebration afterward with the family.

TG 2012 table

Kylie wrote all of our place cards, and they were so adorable!

TG 2012 place card

Once we sat down for dinner, I had to snap a picture of my plate.  Look at all of that goodness! Everything was delicious, and I didn’t even get all of the dishes.

TG 2012 plate

Once we were able to get up from the table and settle our bellies a bit, it was time for dessert. We had quite a spread and as you can see below, Kylie had her Uncle Rob help her pick out the best items!  They are so cute!

TG 2012 Dad and Kylie

Again, we were stuffed to our limit!  Kylie and I passed a little time while I taught her a few different napkin tricks from my wedding banquet days!

TG 2012 Kylie and Amanda

The day was perfect.  We spent time with family, watched football, Kylie put on a play and played some Christmas songs on the piano, and we left with full hearts and bellies.  I did not get good pictures of everyone, but I did enjoy everyone’s company. 

Yesterday Jen and I planned on decorating for Christmas but neither were really in the mood.  Now that I am home all alone today, I feel the urge but will wait so we can do it together.  Instead I will continue to work on my crafts and get some much needed homework done.  I think I will also go downtown and pick up a few items at local stores to support small business Saturday! Joe is on a boys fishing day, and Jen is at my parents house.

Have a fabulous weekend!  Get into the holiday spirit!




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