A family affair

Hello there, do you still remember me?

I have been absent from the blog for a week because I have been busy with family.  Last week I picked my sister Jamie up from her house and took her to stay with me!  We had such a fun time and of course didn’t take enough pictures!

On Thursday night I took her to one of my classes with me, China and the U.S.  She watched myself and 10 others give presentations about a book we had read.  While she thought that and the short lecture were boring, we also had a class debate that she found fun and entertaining.  It helped that my professor is extremely nice and popped us all some popcorn and that my friends in class talked to Jamie and made her feel included.  We also walked around campus to the library and book store, the restaurant, and the student lounge. 

The next day Jamie and I took a long walk and chatted ALL DAY!  That night Jen and I went to the Eric Church concert with our Aunt and Uncle while Jamie and Joe got pizza and ice cream.  The concert was so much fun, and Eric Church was AMAZING!  He had so much energy and sounded great. 

Eric Church

On Saturday we went to Kylie’s 7th birthday party and we all spent the night for the slumber party.  Everyone had a blast as we did arts and crafts, karaoke, and had a tea party.  The girls were so cute and they had so much fun.  We loved to watch their little creative minds and to see them run around all day. 

Jamie and Kylie crafting

Kylie Kareoke

Kylie tea party

Kyle 7 cake

On Sunday morning we went home early to see our cousin Rich and his friend Thom who were visiting from Oregon.  We all missed them and were so happy to catch up and visit for a couple of hours. 

Rich's visit 2012

Later that day Jen, Jamie and I went shopping and walked around downtown Livermore. 

On Monday Jamie and I went for another long walk and watched The Hunger Games.  Later on we headed back to Valley Springs and picked up Stewart.  Mom and Dad were in Reno for their anniversary and Stewart was staying with a friend.  He has never been home without Mom and was waiting for her on the stairs.  Poor little guy, I had to bring him up three times before he stayed!

Stewart waiting for Mom

Yesterday I worked on some homework and visited with my parents.  I got to check out my Dad’s new work truck and walk on top of the trailer, it was so cool!  Today I am going to class and will go home afterward.  It will be so sad there without my sidekick!  I will come back tomorrow night after class so I can go to the craft fair with my Mom on Friday.  I am not sure what Saturday will entail, but Sunday is another Raiders game and hopefully we are going to meet up with our friends and tailgate this time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!




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