Election 2012

This is your friendly reminder to vote tomorrow!  I am sure you are reading/hearing/watching this everywhere. 

This year when I moved, I decided to vote by mail.  I usually like to go into the polling place and talking to the sweet people who volunteer their time, but I have been busy with school and I don’t want to miss it. 

How do you prefer to vote? Do you vote? If not, why not?

I encourage everyone to vote.  It is a privilege and the most important thing we can do as citizens of the US.  One thing many young people fail to realize is the importance of voting for local officials.  They are our direct link to the top. 

Cynics will say this is not true, that these people are corrupt, and maybe they are right.  By not voting, changes can not be made.  We need to take this seriously.

I for one am looking forward to not getting tons of mailers and seeing commercials for the election.  If you haven’t seen this then you are missing out:

Poor little one, I feel the same way!

Happy Voting!




Give me your thoughts!

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