A Giant Parade/ Halloween Decor

I am sad to report that I did not go to the parade after all.  I am regretting the decision right now, but at 4:30 this morning I had a moment of clarity.  I realized that none of my friends were going and that I have to use the bathroom about every hour, so I would lose my spot and there was no point with nobody to save it for me.  I wish somebody could have went, but I am watching the parade from the warmth and comfort of my couch!  I also get to hear all of the interviews and see more than I would have.  It would have been a great feeling to be in the crowd, but it’s ok. 

Today I will instead work on a paper and finish a book that I need to present on.  Tonight I am looking forward to handing out candy to the kids.  I really am excited because I haven’t seen a proper trick or treat crowd since 2003!  When I moved to SF there were very few kids in our neighborhood, my parents live up a huge driveway and very few kids, in SLO, not many kids either.  Last year I lived in the country, and this year better be good!!  I have seen so many kids in our neighborhood and I bought several bags of candy so hopefully they are out tonight.  Unfortunately the forecast is calling for rain.  I do feel sorry for the kids who can’t go out because of Sandy, but I understand they have rescheduled Halloween.

Halloween Candy 12

Speaking of Sandy, a quick update.  My good friend Lauren reminded me of the damage in the Caribbean and she was spot on.  I failed to mention it in my post and while I was aware of it, so many are not.  Please keep them in your prayers as well.  It will also hit Canada soon, not at the same strength but still very threatening.  The death toll in the Carib is up to 71 and widely forgotten by those of us here as the media focused on the U.S.  I am not trying to take anything away from the damage in the states, only to bring awareness to those not mentioned. 

Back on the topic of Halloween, I want to share a few pics of my decorations here, mostly for my family who haven’t seen it!

Starting inside:


Candy Corn candle


Hallway Halloween


Jens Ghost


Skull candle

Then outside:

Ghost in window




Spider Web and pumpkin


Lastly, look how fabulous the leaves look outside, just beautiful!

Leaves falling

Leaves on ground

I have many more decorations, but this is a good sized sample!  My mom has about 500X more than I do, and her house is like a Halloween store.  She is decorated like that for every Holiday and it is always fun to be there for that reason. 

Have a very Happy Halloween and stay safe!

Trick or Treat,



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