The Giants Win!

What a series! What a team!  The Giants swept the Tigers to win the 108th World Series. 

We were on pins and needles as the Giants were behind for the first time in the series and amongst the yelling and sweating, we were pacing.  It took 10 innings, but they did it, and we were more than happy!  Celebrating with champagne, our neighbors had fireworks, and there may have been some woops coming from this house. 

Champagne bottle world series 2012

You can see coach Bruce Bochy in the background, I couldn’t wait for a good shot and pausing the TV was not even a thought. We needed to pop some bottles LOL! 

Glass champagne 2012 ws

Here is a more appropriate picture!  We wanted to take a picture together, however, we were not looking very hot, pjs and stress were not the business!

Almost immediately after the win I got this little email:

WS 2012 email


Wednesday is the scheduled parade, on Halloween!  I am not going to wear a costume, but this time I am going, not even a question about it.  Sorry Dr. Walker, but I will not be in class that day!

Last night I dreamt of the game, and I must have had several dreams about it because I kept waking up and dreaming about it all over again.  Not a bad thing for sure!

I will be wearing one of my Giants shirts to school today, and I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends in Turlock!




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