Down on the Farm


Yesterday Joe and I had such a blast down on the farm!  We met my aunt Kris, uncle Chris, and cousin Kylie at The Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay.  It is owned by our cousin Andrea and her husband Bob.  We had such a fun time going on a hay ride and through a haunted house, as well as a train ride and pony rides!

Lemos Farm

     Kylie on Pony         Kylie on Pony2

     Kylie SF Tattoo      Kylie SF Tattoo2

We also picked up a pumpkin!  They are so reasonably priced and so is the farm.  Free parking, there are plenty of things to do, and they even have food!  They throw parties for kids, and also have a Christmas Tree farm in the winter.  I highly recommend it, fun for the whole family!

2012 Pumpkin patch

Kylie and Amanda Lemos Farm

Afterwards we had lunch and gathered together at their house for the Giants game.  We had such a blast yelling at the screen and cheering for our team.  Tonight is game 4 and what a game it will be.  I don’t think I will have nails left tomorrow!    

Joe and Kylie Giants WS game 3   Joe and Kylie Giants WS pjs

Kylie and Joseph had some bonding time last night while watching the game!  She is a gamer babe for sure! 

Today I will be reading and writing a paper for Thursday, and I may even do a little grocery shopping. What a thrilling day lol!

Have a good Sunday, and GO GIANTS!!




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