SF Giants are going to the World Series!

Last night’s game 7 was so exciting!  The Giants beat the Cardinals 9-0 in the rain, and I could not be more excited. 

We were lucky enough to get tickets for game 6, and met two of our good friends, Cole and Ryan (Nuge) in the city.  It was so much fun.  Besides the fact that it was a playoff game, we got to see James Hetfield of Metallica and Lil Wayne! Although they were on the field, I felt so lucky.  Tomorrow is game 1 of the World Series and lucky me, I have class.  I also have class during game 2, woo hoo!  The Giants and the Tigers are going to make quite the interesting duo, and hopefully I get to see a couple of games. Knowing our torturous past, I will.

Joseph and I at game 6

This is a picture of us at Reds before the game, and here is one of Cole and Nuge:

Cole and Nuge at game

I kind of felt sorry for Nuge, but not that sorry!! I kept trying to trick him into high fiving me after every Giant’s run, but he wasn’t fooled. DARN! 

Well back to the grind of my senior paper, I only need 6 pages tonight, so I am happy about that!




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