Chicken Enchiladas and Dessert Enchiladas

Hi friends!

Quick update on the 30 day challenge, it is day 8 and I have been going strong.  I was hoping to get some physical activity in on Saturday but had way too much work to do.  Instead I stood for a good 6 hours on Sunday at the Giants game and I’m sure burned some calories!  I am hoping to post some pictures on or after day 30 if I continue to work hard and there is a noticeable difference. 

Yesterday it rained almost all day and it was fantastic.  I love the sound of rain and wind and I love the smell of rain.  I wanted to make something warm for dinner but didn’t want to make soup as I have made a lot of it lately.  I had chicken and enchilada sauce so it was an easy choice.  In between downpours I took a nice walk to the grocery store and got the remaining ingredients and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Here is what you will need if you are making these enchiladas:

2 chicken breasts

3 cups of shredded cheese

1 can of sliced olives

1 can of enchilada sauce


Enchiladas ingredients

The first thing that I do is boil water in a large pot and when boiling I add the chicken breasts.

Enchildas chicken boiling

While the chicken is boiling I shred the cheese.  I don’t measure any of this, I just gestimated 3 cups.  Use as much as you would like.  I use medium cheddar.

Enchiladas shredded cheese

When the chicken is completely boiled, let it cool before shredding it.  When the chicken is shredded, add some of the enchilada sauce to a saucepan with the chicken and let it simmer for approximately 8-10 minutes.

Enchiladas chicken in sauce

As this is happening, I prepare my assembly station.  First I put some sauce in my Pyrex casserole dish so that the tortillas do not stick to the bottom.

Enchiladas sauce in pyrex

You can use less than that, however we like saucy enchiladas.  I then make sure all of my ingredients are open and out.  The tortillas are out of the bag and the olives are in a dish that can be accessed easily, as well at the cheese.  I also make sure the enchilada sauce is pourable.  Then I assemble them.

Enchiladas inside

I put a little of everything in them and then roll them up.  When the pan is full, I pour some sauce over the top, and add cheese and olives.

Enchiladas before oven

I bake them at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are warm and have soaked up most of the sauce.

Enchiladas finished

Then I serve them!  Sometimes I make Spanish rice as a side and refried beans.  Last night we had them alone followed by Nutella enchiladas!  NOTE- I didn’t pick up an onion, but when I have one on hand I will usually sauté half of a yellow or white onion in olive oil and add that the the chicken and sauce while it is simmering.

The nutella enchiladas were a first for me, and I was winging it.  Joe mentioned having a nutella milk shake and I was thinking, what would make nutella even better?  Making it all warm and gooey!  So I decided to make an apple/nutella enchilada.

First I peeled and sliced an apple.  I used only one and it was a honey crisp.  I cute the slices up into chunks and set it aside.  Next I melted half a stick of butter in a saucepan with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar.  When that was nice and thick I added the apples.  I let it become thick and reduce until the apples were soft.

Nutella enchilada apples in butter

After that was done I grabbed some tortillas and nutella.  I cut the tortillas in half as they seemed too thick.  If I were to do this again I would have made crepes instead.  However, these were delicious anyway!  I buttered the bottom of a smaller Pyrex and assembled the enchilada by spreading nutella on the tortilla and adding the apple mixture on top before rolling them.

Nutella enchilada inside

This made six enchiladas, and I drizzled the remaining butter and brown sugar on top.  I also tried to spread some nutella on top, which tasted great and looked ugly.  So I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want to spoil the goodness of this dessert.  Maybe I should have sprinkled some powdered sugar or cinnamon on top.  I baked them at 350 for about 8 minutes and we ate them with vanilla ice cream! YUM!  They were so good.  Joe said next time we should use bananas and I think he is on to something!!

If you were making this dessert, how would you put your own spin on it?  Any ideas on how to make the tortillas thinner?

Okay now I am going to finish my paper for tomorrow!!




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