Crafty Gifts

On a previous post I mentioned a craft that I was working on for my friend Anna’s baby shower.  As promised, I am here to show you what I made!

Her shower was on October 6th, the same day as my LSAT.  I was scheduled to test at 8:30 and unfortunately we started an hour late.  Another time constraint came from the addition of a fifth section that was mandatory yet did not count toward my score.  Addition is probably the wrong word, I was just unaware of the “test” section of the test.  Does that even make sense? Anyway, by the time it was over and I got home, the shower was already 4 hours underway and I still live 45 minutes from Anna. Sadly I decided not to drive out for the end and I missed it, like a really bad friend Sad smile  We then played tag until today when we were finally able to meet up and I could give her the gift!

I made a fleece baby pillow in the style of a no-sew tied blanket.  It is made just as the cut and tie blankets are except it is cut into a circle and stuffed with poly-fill.  I got the idea from Pinterest, shocker!

I used two yards of each fabric, I chose an Oakland As fabric for the top, and a yellow for the bottom.  If I ever make one again I will use less fabric, this thing is huge!  I started by cutting the fabric into a circle, it was harder than it sounds.  I then cut strips around the circle about and inch and a half deep.  In my experience, the longer and thinner the strip, the easier it is to tie.  Double knots are recommended as the ties will come untied if picked up once the poly-fill is inserted.  I tied about 3/4 of the way around the circle before stuffing it with two large bags.  Again, if I make another one I would try to find the thickest poly-fill possible.

Oakland As baby pillow

Oakland As baby pillow ties

These ties are smaller than I recommend.  I am not perfect, and it took much longer to tie the small ones and was almost impossible to double them, so I untied them and cut them deeper.  I forgot to take another pic of it!

Here is a picture of the pillow with my friend Bluebeary, to show you the actual size of this massive thing! Maybe after Anna’s baby is born I will post a picture of him on the pillow!

Oakland As baby pillow bluebeary

It was very strange to have another baseball team in my house for so long!!  I sure hope this thing comes in handy for Anna and Anthony!

Have a nice night!




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