Day 2, challenge update

Hello all!

Although it is only day 2 of my challenge, and I have not yet exercised today, I am feeling great!  After some thought I decided that I would try to limit my consumption of junk food and began to use a nifty little app on my phone to help with my endeavor.  It is called My Fitness Pal, and it allows the user to input their weight and track it as often as wanted as well as counts your calorie intake, deducts calories for workouts, and predicts your weight loss based on your eating and exercise habits.  I downloaded the app a few months ago and didn’t use it, however I have found that I do not want to go over my goal and really love to see the calories decrease after inputting an exercise!  Again, this is only my second day, but I feel committed.  The last time I decided to get healthy I was just as excited and when you are dedicated to work out, it feels like a waste to eat like crap.  Don’t get me wrong, a cheat meal is good now and then. 

I am so excited to see my progress and I am very happy that I decided to share it with all of you, because my biggest hindrance has always been myself. Keep me accountable people!!

30 day challenge motivation

Have a great day,




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