What’s in a name?

Good Morning friends!

Boy have I been lazy since my LSAT.  All I have wanted to do is sleep but today I am going to force myself to work on my senior paper.  I already feel like this:

Writing a paper

I haven’t even started it yet!!  Someone please rescue me!

Switching gears here, I feel like I want to change my blog’s name.  True there is a reason that I called it Act II but it isn’t nearly catchy enough.  I would like to do something with my address which is Damanda Lynn.  Which is from my Dad who has always said that I was demanding therefore would call me Damanda.  I would like to find something short, sweet, and catchy.  Any suggestions?  Please leave me a comment with your thoughts, I have been thinking about this for a while now!!

I hope you all have had your coffee and have your thinking caps on! I however am out of coffee and will hopefully buy some tomorrow, ugh!!

Have a great day!




One thought on “What’s in a name?

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