Dancing with the Stars: Week 3

I have not let myself begin to blog about this yet, however today is the day!  After watching the show last night I have some opinions.

Shawn and Derek Week 3

This week the contestants were able to have a big impact on the dance.  These are always my favorite shows!  I feel like I can get to know the “Star” better and see what they like.  This time it was a little different because they were supposed to choose a dance from the past seasons and tweak it a little.

My favorite couple of the night was Shawn and Derek.  I know I am biased because I love her to death, however, I really did love their dance.  I was also impressed with Gilles and Peta, they are a hot couple this season!  I also love to watch Melissa dance because she seems to light up the stage, she is also a very technical dancer.  This week has also made me like Kelly Monaco much more. I think she is sassy!  Kirstie and Maks were entertaining but the singers sort of ruined the song for me and it made their performance less interesting for me. Cheryl and Emmitt were very entertaining with their Paso. I really enjoyed it, I think I  love their dedication.  Tomorrow night is a double eviction people so it is going to get crazy.  The couples will also be able to choose the dance that their competitors will perform next week.

I want to just put it out there, I would LOVE to go to a live Monday night show.  Just in case anyone has a spare ticket!

On to a more serious topic.  Bristol Palin, who is one of the celebrities on the show, has been taking a lot of flack.  I can understand the critics when they say she isn’t as good as the others, though she has improved.  I can even understand the people who are upset because of her large voting audience, which is supposedly because of her political affiliation.  Those things are going to happen because her family is a target, especially during the election race, even though her mother is no longer running.  The problem I have is the pathetic human being who sent a package of powder to the ABC studio, threatening the real thing if Bristol continues on the show, and the death threats that this underserving girl has received.  It is shameful and horrific that a person can be so hateful and ignorant.  My heart goes out to Bristol, who is not doing anything to deserve this kind of treatment.  I hope she gets the support she needs in this time.

Who was your favorite of the night?




Give me your thoughts!

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