The real Columbus

No more Columbus Day

Okay here is my deal with Christopher Columbus, he was an idiot.  As a history major, an American, and a human being, I am allowed to think that. Not only did he misread his maps, several times, but his reputation is totally bogus.  Columbus NEVER set foot in what is now the United States.  He landed in the Caribbean and he and his men murdered millions of people.  He went from Spain, to Portugal to Italy and back to Spain to get funding for his voyages and nobody really wanted to pay an inexperienced fool.  In the end it was Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain who footed the bill.  Columbus was also a huge contributor to the slave trade in the Americas.  It is for these reasons, and many more that I don’t want to bore you all with, that I say we should not celebrate this horrible little man.  I sure don’t mind having a three day weekend, but maybe we could celebrate something more appropriate, like Alexander Hamilton day.  If you are lacking in biographical information about Hamilton, let me know.  I am more than happy to give you the low down.

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