Maybe it’s just me, but lately it seems like people have gotten the idea that having an opinion or taking a side is controversial.  In my opinion, not having a thought on a subject is an easy way out.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about EVERY topic!  Let me give you an example.

Politics- I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, when someone says that they do not care about it I think it is bull.  Everyone has an opinion on some of the topics.  That being said, I understand that people lose friendships over politics.  Religion is very similar in that the opinions are very strong.  Trust me, I know what it feels like to have a strong opinion on both of these topics.

I am just not sure why people act as if these topics are off of the table.  I believe there is a time and place for conversations about these topics, but I guess I feel like people avoid them just to stay out of an argument.  In case some of you are unaware, I am not afraid of an argument.  I think they are positive and they don’t have to get personal!! Debating amongst your peers is the best way to learn. 

I am mostly fired up about the debate last night.  The debate itself didn’t stir me up, it was all of the talk on social media websites.  It blows my mind that people don’t get upset about these things.  On the other hand, it can get very annoying to look through your feed only to see unfounded claims that people make out of anger and frustration.  My biggest pet peeve is seeing someone speak about a topic, in a public forum, with no real information.  This is not regarding personal opinions, it is regarding false information (on both sides of the spectrum).  I like a good debate with people from both sides, so long as they BOTH play fair and know what they are talking about.  Many of you  know my political party affiliation, and this has nothing to do with the topic.  I am in no way discrediting the other side.  I know many people who have different views than my own who are very intelligent and have a strong argument. 

This little rant could also be caused by outside influences.  I awoke yesterday to very rude behavior by one of my neighbors and a little later was antagonized by someone who should pick on someone their own age (old).  The debate conversations just added fuel to my fire.  I am also two days away from one of the most stressful tests of my life.  Please forgive me for coming on strong, but that doesn’t change my opinions!

In closing, I would like to say that I encourage my friends to learn about the important topics and form an educated opinion. That can only be done when looking at the topic from every angle.  I encourage you to vote and to be more involved in your local government as well.  In my opinion that is more important.  I would also encourage you all to stand behind your beliefs and not to be afraid to voice them.  If these statements make me controversial, than I wouldn’t want to be viewed any other way.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!




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