Ho Ho Hold on a minute!

The last time I checked, it was still September.  It seems that Christmas decorations are everywhere already, and I haven’t even decorated for Fall!!

As some of you may know, last year I let my creative juices flow and made a variety of wreaths for Christmas gifts. This is one that I recreated:

Craftaholic wreath


I didn’t begin until way too late, and even finished a few on Christmas eve.  This year I would like to do something similar, but this time I would like to start early.  I have came across a few cute ideas, but nothing that has wowed me.  I need your help!  Obviously, I will not be able to show the actual gift choices until after Christmas because many of you will be receiving them!  In any case, I would really like to hear your suggestions. Smile 

I am also interested in doing cute things at home as well.  Below is a picture of a cool whip heart. If you spread cool whip on a cookie sheet and freeze it, you can use cookie cutters to make sweet little shapes!

Hot Cocoa

And with that said, I am off to the library!




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