Hello my friends!

I have missed blogging, but I have been very busy lately.  Between school and LSAT stuff, I have also been having too much fun! This past weekend I went to two winning games.  On Saturday night we went to the Giants game where they clinched the NL West!

NL West Champs 2012

Such a beautiful sight!  This was about 30 mins after the game, which is why the seats look empty.  It was packed, and we had a ball!

Joe and I NL West clincher  Jamie and I at NL West clincher

Sisters at the game

Jamie spent the weekend with us, and it was her first game!  She really picked a good one didn’t she?  We made sure to tell her that not all games are like that, but it is something she will always remember, as will we.  After all of the excitement, Joe and I went to the Raiders game yesterday where we also won!  It was quite the weekend. 

In other news, our condo is in limbo as unpacking has come to a standstill during the decorating stage.  We still have not bought a dining set, and I have yet to unpack anything into my desk.  As I type this I want to go in there and do it right now, however, I feel like I need to study instead.  That has also not been going as planned.  I have been really bad and haven’t studied nearly enough.  With that said, I have no excuse and that is what I am going to do as soon as I sign off!   Until next time…




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