Hello again my friends!  Today I am busy doing about 1,000 things at once and all I can think about is blogging!  I decided to go with a little survey I found on Julie’s blog last month.  It seemed fun and at the time I didn’t think I could find something to fill every letter.  Today I am going to challenge myself to do it, maybe a feeling of accomplishment will help me get through the rest of my day. 

A-Z- about me

A- Amanda, obviously you all knew that!  Lately I have been a little obsessed with monograms and I am always looking for something that would fit in at our house!

B- Baby envy, it seems like more and more of my friends have or are having babies.  I am so excited for all of them, and I can’t wait until the time is right for me!

Sophia and Serena Jack Jack

C- Catholic.  This is something that I feel describes a part of who I am.  I was baptized in 2011 and I am excited to find a new church in Pleasanton.  This is also something that I struggle with every day, living my faith is a process and not going to happen overnight! (or at least that is what I keep telling myself!)

D- December.  This is when I may* complete my Bachelors degree! (The date will be determined next week for sure)

E- Engineer, the chosen profession of my other half.

F- Fancy Nancy, a children’s book series that I discovered a few years ago while shopping for my cousin Kylie.  I think these books are adorable and hope to read them to my daughter someday.

G-SF Giants! My favorite baseball team ❤

ATT park gate

H- Healthy living blogs.  I am obsessed and although I follow a few, I have yet to begin exercising again.

I- Indigestion, the reason why TUMS is in every one of my bags. I think I have a problem!

J- Joseph, Jamie, Jen, I can’t escape the J trend.  Andrei knows what I mean!!

K- Kylie, my adorable little cousin who happens to be smart as a whip!

Kylie sunhat

L- LSAT, are you over it yet?

M- Mom, the person who listens to all of my problems and still answers the phone every day when I call her! (I love you, Mom!)

N- Noel, my bestie!! I miss her every day and I can’t wait for her to move home Smile 

O- On time, my biggest pet peeve is being late.  It doesn’t bother me when other people are, but when I am late I get anxiety.

P- Pinterest, my favorite website!

Q- Quack pack, if you don’t get it then you are not a fan of the show.

R- Raaaaaiiiiiiiddddderrrrssss!

Hair band

S- San Francisco, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, Stockton- some of my homes

T- Teapot, I wanted one for so long until I finally realized that I will be 50 by the time I get married and I can’t wait forever to have a registration! So I bought one for myself!

U- Unicorns, I LOVED them as a child, and pigs.  I have no clue why!

V- Vines, the place where happiness grows.

W- Wedding, something that I hope to have one day!

X- Xavier, the name of a sweet little boy that I miss terribly!

Y- Yesterday, my favorite Beatles song.

Z- Zoo, Jen you know what I mean!!

That was harder than it seemed!!  Tonight I am going to the Lodi Grape Festival with some friends and hopefully tomorrow I will get a kitchen table. I hope all of you have a great weekend!  Feel free to leave a comment with a few of your favorite letters that describe you!




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