I’m back!

Hey Ya’ll! Did you miss me?

I FINALLLY have internet at home, and I am delighted to be able to blog again.  I could have went to Starbucks, but who has the time when you are moving? I want to keep this post short and sweet as I have tons of things to do today.

We moved in to our new place last weekend and it is going pretty smoothly.  We still are without a kitchen table, a desk, and a dresser, but we are doing fine for now without them.  I have a few pictures to share! Please note, I have only been her for 9 days!

Dining Area before

The Dining area the first night we were here.  I have such a variety of boxes because I got them wherever I could!


Living Room Before

This is the before shot of the living room.  We have put a few things in here, not sure if they are going to stay.  We love our new rug though! PS, don’t you just love the cable on the wall? It came that way so we are thinking of putting a big piece of artwork over it.



This is the one of the kitchen counters.  We have fully unpacked the kitchen and are able to use it, as of day 3.



We felt more at home once the magnets were on the fridge.  It seems like our place because they do travel with us!

Those are all for now.  I will take more as we begin to decorate and get new things.  Today I am going to do some much needed homework and LSAT studying.  My life has been so hectic that I feel like the most important things have been put on hold.  I will be in Valley Springs on Wednesday and Thursday, I may be able to squeeze in a blog post or two.

Just for fun:

Dodger Playstation ecard


Until next time!




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