Anxiety…need I say more?

Good morning everyone!

I hope this Monday brings all of you a better feeling than I currently have!  I am optimistic but it’s hard to shake the anxious feeling deep in my stomach.  This is going to be a crazy week!  We are supposed to move this weekend, if everything goes as planned.  Before that I have to deep clean this house for Joe’s grandparents, and I would like to buy them some groceries so they can at least have something to eat when they get home. We also have to clean up the fruit trees in the backyard, which is going to be super… Most of the fruit rotted before it ripened because it was so hot, so we have the fun task of climbing on the latter to remove the gross fruit, YEY!  I also have classes as usual, and LSAT studying.  The thing that is weighing heavy on my mind today is my senior paper topic.  I have to come up with one by Wednesday night, yikes!  It can be virtually anything to do with history, but I need to find an original angle on something.  I will then need to spend the next 15 weeks researching and writing a 30 pager on it, so I need to be interested in it.  Any suggestions?  I am stumped.  The other option is to research an event in history and to critique 8 or more books about it…no thank you.  I have enough to read this semester, I would rather search for important facts in 20 books than fully read 8 or more in addition to my assigned selection.  Maybe the thing that is bothering me the most about this week is not knowing exactly what day we are moving.  I am expecting a call from our landlord within the next couple of days to confirm.  The thing is, I have people waiting on me!! I feel bad telling them last minute when we are moving.  Anybody have a tums? Pepto?  oy vay!!

On a lighter note, I had a great weekend and probably got the best sleep I have had all summer.  It was glorious.  Are any of you bad sleepers as well?  How do you get yourself to calm down and get some rest?  I seriously need tips people!!

I spent Friday at my parent’s house, celebrating my birthday!  We had a delicious meal and very yummy lemon cake!! I told them that there were too many candles, but they didn’t listen! LOL  I spent lots of quality time with our newest family member as well, Stewart.  He is such a little sweetie!

Stewart 4 months old

Okie dokie, well have yourself a merry little day and week!  I will keep y’all updated on the moving situation and I’m sure I will take plenty of pictures of the new place when we get there. 




One thought on “Anxiety…need I say more?

  1. Miss Amanda I love you dearly and a little anxiety is normal for me alot normal lol but I have every confidence that you will do great this week , never ask yourself if yourself if your cup is half full or half empty ask where can I find a bigger cup because in this life yur cups are just going to get bigger and fuller! 🙂

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