Monday or Friday?

Good morning my friends!

I could be optimistic right?  Today, at 8:00 am, technology is not my friend.  I awoke to three spastic text messages from my bank telling me that my account is below a certain amount, that it is overdrawn, and how to transfer funds from my savings. All of which is UNTRUE!! They must have had a glitch because my account is fine!  So then I was awake.  Then I try to watch the news to find out that my satellite receiver is not working.  After a really annoying service call I find out that it will take 5-7 business days to get a new one shipped.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?? No Big Brother? No SYTYCD? No Live with Kelly?  I am sure Joseph is going to love NOT watching sports too.  (RACHEL, DON”T DELETE ANYTHING!!! LOL)  Then to top things off, my computer decided to be difficult as well.  Thankfully is decided to cooperate after a few minutes.  I think it knows that I will spike it at this point!  Is it Monday??

I was going to write about my first week back at school, but this is just stressing me out!  In case you are wondering, it was good.  I will be very busy for the next 16 weeks, and especially until October with the lingering LSAT.  The best part of this semester? ONLY 1 TEST!!! Woot!  The downside? None.  I get three good classes, with Professors that I like, and it is my last semester!!

Do you guys need a something to stay interested??

Sophia Grace and Rosie

These girls are just too cute!! Feel free to get sucked into their you tube videos like I do!


I just can’t help it, they are so adorable. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure you tube video?




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