The first day of my last semester

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Tomorrow is my first day of my last semester of my bachelors degree.  My feelings are not excited, they are tired!! Don’t get me wrong, I still have an unhealthy addiction to school, however, tonight I feel a case of senioritis coming on.  Maybe it is the stress of the LSAT in a few weeks plus moving plus three new classes, one being the capstone for my degree.  Maybe it’s the fact that I have been in college since 2004 and I am worn out, or maybe it’s because this girl signed herself up for three more years.  No matter the reason, I am NOT in the mood for tomorrow.  I’m sure it will be fun to see my fellow classmates and to catch up on everyone’s summer fun.  I know that I will enjoy getting out of the house! 

In other news, tonight we signed our lease for the condo in Pleasanton!  I am excited to move in and unpack.  I have been without my worldly possessions for almost two whole months!  I am also excited to live with Jen again.  We always talked about living together as adults when we could make the rules and decorate our way! LOL  Another great thing about living in Pleasanton will be the commute for Joe and Jen.  The BART station is literally seven minutes away.  That will mean sleeping in an extra two hours and coming home almost two hours earlier!! WOOT WOOT for quality time with my roomies!

Off to pack my bags and relax before bed.  Wish me luck tomorrow!




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