The first game of the season

Last night Joe and I went to the first preseason Raider game.  We had so much fun despite the loss.  Before the game we had a large lunch with one of Joe’s coworkers and his friend at Luka’s in Oakland.  We had some delicious drinks accompanied with a couple burgers, a Cuban sandwich, and a steak.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but we were so hungry!  Afterward we took the BART to the game and the weather was just beautiful.  Here is the view from our seats:

View from our seats

Not too shabby! One of them has a railing in front of it, which is great to kick up your heels during half time or before the game!

Raiders game 2

Raiders game 1

Raiders game 4

Those were taken before the game, the stadium actually filled in nicely.  It wasn’t capacity, but it was pretty packed. It was a pretty long day so we left a little before the game ended and still didn’t get home until almost 10:00!  After all of the fun I had yesterday, I still had one more cool thing happen!


Bethenny Frankel tweeted me back! I was so excited, then a bunch of random people tweeted on the feed to get her attention, but she ignored them.  I guess I must be pretty cool!

Tonight I am making Fajitas so I need to get my butt to the store before it is too late!  Everyone have a good night!




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