A lovely morning in San Francisco

People always complain about Mondays, and I am also guilty of this.  However, yesterday was a fantastic day.  Although, I wasn’t working, so maybe that is why it was so fun! 

Jennifer came over on Sunday night and we were talking about her route to work in the morning when we decided it would be less stressful if I went with her to show her the ropes.  I love that I can still do big sister things sometimes! I know that Jen would have been fine going alone, but she let me show her around and let me feel like I was teaching her something, which I love!  Thank you, Jen!!  We were up by 4:00 am, and out by 5:00.  After getting her clipper cards for the public transit system I said goodbye to her and she was on her merry way. By that time it was only 7:30 and I was planning on keeping busy until 1:00 when Joe and I would meet up and go the the Raiders game.  I had a hard time finding anything open except for drug stores and a ton of TINY Starbucks coffee shops.  I walked around and found Crocker Galleria and took a seat.  I studied for an hour and a half and ate some breakfast.  I started to feel really tired so I walked around and ended up here:

China Town Gateway

That would be China Town!  I didn’t go in because I had a bad experience with a rat on the street, it figures!  I continued to make a loop in search of a non-existent law library.  When that didn’t work I found myself in the Financial District in front of a three story book store.  I was delighted, the only thing that would have been better was a used book store.  Guess where I settled down? That’s right, History section for this nerd!

Book store

I ended up walking by Golden Gate University Law School and I was feeling brave so I ventured into the student book store and lounge.  I found a seat and continued to study until I met Joe!  I would like to think that I fit in!

Golden Gate Law Study

My little adventure sure made me miss living in that beautiful city.  We are still searching for a place to live, and if I could find a place there I would be so excited!  I will keep y’all updated.  One of my favorite little thing about the city are the sparkling sidewalks, because SF is FABULOUS!

Sparkle Sidewalk

Well, I am going to get some things done today!  I will post later about the Raiders game fun.

Have a fun and productive day!




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