Sunday Funday

Can you believe that ANOTHER week has come and gone?  I just don’t know what to do with myself!  Per usual my life has been busy, so here is what you’ve missed:

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Anna and her fiancé Tyson on their engagement!  They are such a cute couple, and I can’t wait for the wedding festivities to start!

Anna and Tyson

We started our weekend out right with some Sushi on Friday night before checking out a cute Condo in Pleasanton.  Yesterday morning we went shopping and both got some new shoes and I picked up a cute new dress!  I also got this little gem:


I love it because it says part of my last name, and it is Raiders colors!  I think I am wearing it to the game tomorrow night!!

After shopping we had a night visit from my “mother in law” (MAYBE ONE DAY LOL)  and we ended the night at our friends Garrett and Courtney’s house, watching the fights.  Courtney made some spicy appetizers and we drank some good wine.  It was a relaxing Saturday, which is just what we wanted.  Today we woke up early to tackle the yard work before it became too hot.  I trimmed the bushes and swept the side yard while Joseph picked up the fruit and mowed the lawns.  Andrei came by a little later and we have been watching football and baseball for most of the day.  Jen is coming over tonight because she starts her new job tomorrow morning!  I am so proud of her!  On Friday she passed her state board exam for medical assistants with flying colors.  I am going to make some lasagna and probably have a glass of wine before doing some laundry for the week.

Enjoy your night!




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