Fun in the Sun

Good Morning to my beloved blog readers! Did you know I had a someone from Canada looking at this little blog? I was stoked, so keep it coming Smile  I started my morning off with toast covered with the second best spread ever invented, Biscoff.  I say second because Nutella is always going to win for me.  This stuff is amazing, and also comes in a cookie form (which is delicious dipped in coffee!)  I discovered the cookies at my old store and then found it’s headquarters on Pier 39 in San Francisco.  I was beyond excited to bring home some spread and sadly dropped and broke the glass jar in the parking structure later that day.  You can imagine my surprise to find it at my local grocery store last week!  I highly recommend it, you can order from their website here.


I had quite an eventful weekend as well.  It all began on Friday with Jen, on our Livermore/San Francisco adventure.  We began by stopping in Livermore at the apartment that I found a few days before.  We decided to think about applying while driving to the city for Jen’s physical for her new and AMAZING new job.  We stopped at the Safeway in the Castro district for sandwiches prior to the appointment.  As per usual, we are a magnet for the weirdos.  As soon as we walked through the door a man (employed with Safeway) with apparent mental issues targeted us and made a bee-line.  (It figures)  He wanted to help us and we let him point us toward the restroom.  Which he showed us and then did not unlock it!!  We had to track down another employee for that job. We shouldn’t have…upon entering we saw a lady in a stall making some noises and BAREFOOT.  Her shoes and socks were placed near the stall door.  Talk about disgusting.  We also had several problems ordering our food.  It was a circus.  We were both in great moods as you could imagine as we arrived at the hospital.  On the way back to Livermore we decided to apply and place a holding deposit on the cute apartment we had looked at that morning.  After barely making it back before the office closed we decided to eat an early dinner at the Denny’s Café nearby.  By the way, a Denny’s Café is weird, less menu options and ordering at the counter.  Anyway, as we sat and ate we saw a family leave and immediately come back into the café and stare out of the floor to ceiling windows that surrounded the place.  Then a few employees walked over to see what the family was looking at.  A minute later one of them ran to get a manager.  At this point I had noticed the commotion, but there were virtually silent, so Jen (who was not facing that direction) had not.  I told her that they were looking near her car in the parking lot so we walked over.  I thought there could be a loose dog or a snake…no such luck.  It was a cop, with a SNIPER RIFLE, just a few cars away from ours.  He was pointed at the bank in the same parking lot.  We also saw a few more posted throughout the shopping center.  At this point the manager comes out and declares “Again?!”  We were not amused with the situation.  We decided to sit down and continue to eat with the logic that if we heard a gunshot we would dive behind the nearby counter, and that one of the idiots in the window would get hit before us.  The café is so close the to apartment complex and this raised a red flag for us.  For that reason and because Joe can’t live without DIRECTV, we will not be living at that complex.  The search continues!  After that day we were pretty tired and ended the night with a little crafting for a project that Jen was working on.

Saturday brought us a whole new set of adventures.  Joseph and I had tickets to the Raiders training camp in Napa.  We arrived in Napa around 11:00 am and decided to get an early lunch as we would be at the facility until dinner time.  We were told that we could not bring certain items into the camp so we stopped at Wholefoods to get some supplies.  We ordered two huge burritos and some drinks to fill ourselves with before hand, and a large water bottle for the day.  We scarfed them down and got in line.  There were approximately 1000 fans per day.  We stood in line until 1:30 and were surprised that there was complimentary water bottles and Gatorade all weekend!  We had a blast and were so close to the players.  After three hours of sitting on bleachers and two hours of standing in line, we were tired and hungry.  We went to Joe’s grandparents house in Petaluma and enjoyed a delicious dinner and later on went to the movies with Joe’s godfather/uncle.  We saw the Dark Knight Rises, and it was so good!  The next morning we walked to Peppers for breakfast and filled up.  After leaving the house we stopped at the grocery store again, this time, we got plenty of snacks for the day.  We also stopped at the Starbucks in the store and waited FOREVER for our drinks. It was horrible service and our drinks were poorly made.  The second day proved to be just as fun, if not better than the first.  It was hot both days, but I somehow managed to escape a sunburn despite the lack of shade.  I took so many pictures, including these:

Jacoby           Criner

The first is Jacoby Ford and the second is Juron Criner.  After practice we stayed for some autographs.

Joseph autograph          Palmer Autograph

Do you see Joe above?  He got his hat signed by so many players as I stood back and watched all of the players.  They are incredibly tall!!  When I head the horn and saw that Joe would not get a signature from our starting quarter back, Carson Palmer, I jumped down and got one for us.  We were so excited!  Now we are pumped for the season, I have all of my new gear ready as well:

Hair band           Raider gear

Our first game in next Monday night, preseason but still fun!!

Sorry for the long post! I have a lot of stories to tell! LOL Today I am going to visit my best friends since elementary school, Holly and Noel! I can’t wait to see them Smile


Have a good Monday!





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