Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend to look back on!  It started on Friday with Jen, on a wild goose chase in search of the perfect apartment.  We went all over the place and saw some interesting things.  The first place was not cute, to say the least.  We skipped it an instead stood in line for an hour and a half for these:


Although Jen is not going, Joe is quite excited.  We got a new outfit for him to wear next weekend lol!  After our detour we found what Jen called “a piece of heaven surrounded by hell”.  This place was so perfect except for the fact that it was in the GHETTO! It was gated in but I wouldn’t want to call it home.  The next few places were OK, and we moved on from Hayward to Concord.  Our first appointment there was Panera Bread and boy were we hungry!  We saw several places in Concord, and we found one that we would love to live in.  The catch…they currently do not have any openings for our time slot Sad smile  It figures!!!  We also toured a place where the manager told us about their “tree rats”.  What? I don’t know what they are and really don’t want to find out!  We rounded out our evening by watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

Saturday turned out to be just as busy.  Joe and I started the day by driving to San Francisco for the Giants game vs. the Dodgers.  If you are a fan you will know that we were smoked (10-0), so that was not the best game to go to.  (Go ahead Lauren, laugh it up! lol)  I did have fun at the field as always, but look what I brought home with me:


Isn’t that cute?  I feel so sensitive today!  We also went to look for apartments in Dublin and Livermore.  I found one that I will call tomorrow.  We love our Giants game adventures.  Afterward we had some sushi and ice cream, and that hit the spot after a hot day.  We had a few photo ops on the road yesterday as well:



Those were seen on the freeway in Oakland.  WOW!

Today was also fun-filled.  We had breakfast with Joe’s family.  His brother spent the weekend here and we spent the day with him.  We went shopping, watched the game, went to dinner, and watched the Olympics.  I am pretty relaxed here in my pjs, thinking of all of my friends who might read this tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great weekend as well.  What did you all do?




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