My last day of work!


Today is officially my last day of work.  My mind is surprisingly at ease this morning as I type these words.  The last few weeks have been difficult imagining my life without a job.  This will be the first time I have been unemployed for more than a couple of weeks since I was in high school.  Confused smile  The cake above was given to me by a few wonderful coworkers who I will surely miss!  I am hoping I will go out with a bang today!

In other news…


Yey for Emily and Jef!  They are such a cute couple!  I have been waiting for the season finally for what seems like forever, and I am so happy to see them happy.  It is much better than last season.  Emily is sharp and funny too.  Yesterday someone tried* to tweet bully her:

@EmilyMaynard Jef Em perfect JEF luvs Jef Emily Emily luvs self So glad u did nt chse Sean Hes a christain

but Emily wasn’t going to fall for that..

@sassiegrammie yeah because nothing says Christian like harassing someone you don’t know on Twitter?

That made my day!  Go Emily, stand up for yourself!

Now I am off to have some breakfast and to the pharmacy, have a good day!


Give me your thoughts!

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