Ice cream heaven!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

It doesn’t really feel like Sunday and if I weren’t scheduled to work I am sure I would be unproductive!  Yesterday was a loooong day!  I started off my day by taking a test at school, one that determines if I graduate or not.  It was pretty easy, I am not worried about it.  On the bright side I got to see my friend Nallely there afterward as she was scheduled to take hers directly after mine!  I also like to see my coworkers outside of work, it feels like bonus time!  Afterward Joe and I had lunch at home and watched some of the Giants game before heading to his brother Andrei’s house for the UFC fights.  Before we got there we had dinner at Five Guys burgers, man was it good!  It was our first time trying it and we were sold.  The seasoned fries were amazing!  Next we headed to an old fashioned ice cream parlor called Leatherbys.  It was amazing! It is family owned and our waitress, Nicole is a family memeber.  In fact, I ordered her special which is chocolated ice cream topped with a peanut butter syrup, whipped cream, peanuts, and a cherry topper!  It was pure perfection.  Joe was jealous as he ordered a strawberry shake, which was also very tastey, but clearly I had out ordered him!  I wanted to snap a picture of mine but I couldn’t resist diving in!

Once we arrived at Andrei’s house we were given a tour and a drink.  It was beautiful and his room-mate was very nice.  The fights proved to be boring, as most of them were decied in points and none of them were exciting.  We felt as if we were duped.  It was a fun night anyway!

Today I am going over to my friend’s house to visit and then going to work.  Only three days of work left until I am done with that place forever!!  After Tuesday I am a free woman!

Until later!


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