A Twilight kind of day…


I have to admit I love these books and movies.  Of course, like all true fans I agree, the books are WAY better, however, I like to watch the movies too.  I am sort of a nerd, but at least I can admit it!

As I type this I am enjoying the end of the first movie.  Today has been pretty slow, I had a nice cup of coffee this am, followed by a nice luna bar.  I am obsessed with them!  I was productive this morning and paid some bills, which makes me feel like the day wasn’t wasted!  The rest of my day includes laundry, getting the spare room ready for Joe’s brother, going to the grocery store and making a home-made pizza.

I caught up on SYTYCD this morning as well, I am bummed that Alexa went home.  She was captivating, and Daniel was exceptional as well.  I am thinking my favorite as of now has to be Audrey.  I am also looking forward to Big Brother tonight.  I really hope they send home Frank, I want to see Boogie freak out.  I feel bad for Dan though!

Well, off to fold another load of laundry!!


Give me your thoughts!

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