Moving, Concerts, LSATs… oh my!

The summer is in full swing and I have been busy!  At the beginning of the month we moved into Joe’s grandparent’s house to house-sit for a couple of months while they are on vacation.  It has been difficult to adjust to the house, mainly because all of my worldly possesions are packed away and I feel a bit like I am invading.  Joe also started a great new job in the bay area, which changed our schedules dramatically.  He went from six months of graveyard with uniforms and LOTS of chili powder, to a professional job as an engineer with a normal day shift.  Of course he is now commuting to work, and that can be stressful.  In other news, I quit my job too.  My last day is July 25th.  I will be focused on studying for the LSAT (October 6th), and finding a new place for us to live.  I will also begin my last semester at CSU Stanislaus next month!

Some times it seems like life is all work and no play, however, on Sunday it was full of fun!!  My sister Jen, my friend Kasey, and I went to the Oakland Coliseum to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney!  The concert was amazing, it went on for hours.  Jake Owen opened along with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  If you haven’t heard that girl sing, it is worth looking up!  We enjoyed hearing new songs and of course all of the old favorites.  As a surprise, Steve Miller showed up and sand a couple of favorites…I was so excited!  (Bay area love!)

We started off having some sandwiches in Dublin before barting in.  It was Kasey’s first bart adventure, and it went very smoothly.  If I could have changed anything about that day it wouldn’t have been the cheap seats, the crowds of scantily clad pre-teens, or the drunks falling down the stairs, it would be the damn boots that I chose to wear.  My feet were punished!!  Over all the night was a huge memory and I could not have asked for better girls to join me!!

Today has started out slowly.  I finally got some quality sleep last night and I woke up ready for a little coffee!  I checked my favorite blog,, and then decided to hop on over here!  On the agenda for the day is doing some laundry, cleaning the dishes, and working.  Isn’t my Tuesday glamorous?

Have a fabulous day!


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