Let’s try this again

I have always wanted to write a blog, and I have created several throughout the years.  I like the idea of keeping a journal, and why not share my stories?  I am going to try this again, this time I will have less expectations and more fun!! 

One of my favorite things about the blogs I follow is being able to relate to the person.  I enjoy reading about every day occurences and struggles as well as following someone through a process or a goal.  I want my blog to show my progression in life from a single person in a long term relationship to a married woman with children  I want to document my journey through finishing my bachelors degree and going to law school.  My goal is to be the best version of myself.  I am hoping this blog will remind me to do so!

I decided to call this blog Act II because I think I am in the second act of life.  I am not sure how many acts there will be, however, I considered my childhood and teenage years the first chapter in my life.  Naming the blog wasn’t easy, and this seems to work for me!

As it happens, today is Friday the 13th!  I hope that doesn’t effect the work day, but it is kind of perfect for my plans tonight!  My coworkers and I are heading to Wal Mart tonight after work to play a game of Wal Mart bingo!! It is much like traditional bingo in the rules, except the squares will be based on things to look for, like a treasure hunt.  At Wal Mart we can expect to see some interesting people, ala peopleofwalmart.com.  An example of this would be, find a person who has both diapers and beer in their cart, and other funny things like that.  I am sure the 13th will bring out the crazies!  As an added bonus we will be playing in teams and taking photos! 

Off to work!!


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